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제목 2015 Newcomer Day Celebration held for International Students
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On March 13th(Fri) 16:00, the 2015 Newcomer Day Celebration for international students was held at Somerville Hall inside the 56th Anniversary Building. About 100 international students participated in the event which was divided into 3 sessions. President Hyungtae Kim also attended along with the deans to welcome and greet students.

For part 1, Dr.Seungho Lee, Dean of Global Relations opened the ceremony with a status report on international students, which was followed by a conferment ceremony presented by the President. Students were awarded for Global Korea Scholarship(GKS) and Academic Excellence. Part 2 consisted of information session for international students and a special performance by HNU students. The event was finally concluded with part 3, a welcoming dinner for all students.

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