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제목 2016 Newcomer Day Celebration held for international students
작성일 2016.03.14 17:29 조회수 644
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On March 11th(Fri) 16:00, the 2016 Newcomer Day Celebration for international students was held at Somerville Hall inside the 56th Anniversary Building. About 200 international students and their korean buddies participated in the event which was divided into 2 sessions. President Dr.Duk-Hoon,Lee also attended along with the deans to welcome and greet students.

For part 1, four officers at the National Security Division Foreign Affars Section from Dedeok police station presented about Crime Prevention Activity, For part 2, Dean of Global Relations Dr.JangWoo Choi, opened the ceremony with a status report on international students, which was followed by a conferment ceremony presented by the President. Students were awarded for Global Korea Scholarship(GKS) and Academic Excellence. Part 2 consisted of information session for international students and a special performance by HNU students. The event was finally concluded with part 3, a welcoming dinner for all students.

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