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Title [글로벌비즈니스][LSGB] Recruiting Announcement: Olympic International Supports for exchange / internatioanl students
Date 2017.09.29 10:49 Hits 191
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Small Enterprise Broadcasting Information Service (SEBIS) and Linton School of Global Business are currently looking for an active social media savvy known as Olympic International Supports of 2017~18. The successful candidate will be involved in translating and editing content for the English version of the Korean Traditional Market and its website for Olympic visitors. The works includes creating content and operating social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., and assisting in the operating and promotions of both SESIS (YES TV) as well as LSGB.

○ Application period: September 27 (Wed) – 30 (Sat), 2017, 15:00 KST
※interview date: October 11 (Wed), 2017
○ Conditions:
- Period: 2nd semester duration including Olympic (Oct. ~ March 2018)
- Incentive: 100,000 won (monthly) & Certificate by SEBIS and recommendation letter
from LSGB / All the activities would be free (meal and tour)
- MUST be a current Hannam University Student
○ Location: LSGB & Gangwon-do (Tour) 2 times
○ Work tasks:
- Translate and edit content for the English and your native language(s) based on the website of SESIS YES TV and;
- Create content for and manage the English (&your native language) of SESIS website through social media channels
- Assist in the operations and promotion as needed
- International relations not limited to outreach international media
○ Preferred skills:
- Outstanding English translation skill and ability to perform work tasks and communicate in English or Korean
- Experience in online marketing and operating social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
○ How to apply: After confirming the job description, fill out the attached official application form and submit via email to
○ Inquiries: 042-629-8500
○ Documents: Application Form

Many thanks,
Onsoo Kim

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